5 Reasons Why North Dakotan’s Would Survive Hillary Clinton’s Presidency

March 29, 2016

Hillary Scandle Bismarck, ND

Hillary Clinton “the hit lady.” Bad to the bone (Even scarier without the wig).

You’ve seen the tapes! Benghazi, covering for Bills Dirty Deeds, looting the White House, and I’ve heard you might keel over if you’re on her email list. I might not even make it through this post…(should I be typing this)?

Reasons North Dakotan’s will Survive her if she lands the “chair” and we’re not talking the electric chair…Presidency folks!

1. If you can handle running out to the mail box in -40 degree weather with only a smile on, you could survive four years…. shoot you might even be able to handle eight.

2. If your satisfied with staring at nothing but grass lands all day…maybe another Hillary scandal might be interesting for you.

3. Dakotan’s are able to walk right into a 40 mph head wind without blinking…Hillary can’t even begin to blow you over with her hot air.

4. If you can survive mono, a staff infection, and having a bucket of mud shoved down your throat from swimming in the Missouri river, you can definitely survive Hillary.

5. Being in the middle of the continent is a serious deterrent from all the crazies…six flight connections just to see the wind swept prairies that we call home! I seriously doubt she will come this far to see the buffalo. Sometimes it’s hard enough to get the mailman to deliver out here, let alone a president to come visit!


North Dakota will survive!