North Dakotan’s May Have Found Blue Yak

April 5, 2016

North dakotan's find blue yak
In 2012 North Dakota was ranked 19th happiest state in the union, Hawaii holding the number one spot. By 2013 a new poll showed that North Dakota had edged out Hawaii for the top spot. Can you believe it became the happiest State in the union to live in?! Even though Hawaii and North Dakota might have been competing for the top spot, there’s just a few tiny details that made these two states remarkably different. The weather and climate, which we came oh so close to matching in North Dakota (wink). Demographics, availability of tropical fruits, and a few other uninteresting details. North Dakota, unlike our close second Hawaii is the state least likely to be visited in the union…I think it’s the wide open, flat, rolling, desolate, spaces! This kind of space can be scary for those used to living near stuff like, trees, buildings, mountains, people, or anything really. Yeah! “Nothingness” can be scary to some folks. But true North Dakotan’s have the ability to be happy with the “nothing factor.”

So what made North Dakota go from 19th to 1st? Oil! The black gold! Yup oil = happiness. And here we have been looking for it the whole time in the wrong spots “happiness” on a beach, in a beautiful climate, or next to amazing people. When here, this whole time in the rolling plains it was in the ground. Yep, happiness is in the ground and it’s called “oil!” The money that flowed freely from the Bakken formation supplied us with jobs, …jobs, and jobs. What it did not offer was time, beaches, or trees. You’ll find as many trees in North Dakota as Blue Haired Yaks.

What about now? The oilfield has slowed down, am I right? We currently sit at the #5 spot for happiness. Hey for all the lost jobs with this down turn that ain’t half-bad. Wait, that debacles my oil = happiness theory! You know what?! I think it’s a fact that if you can learn to be happy with what you don’t have, you have truly found happiness. Somehow Dakotan’s have found a way in the good times and the bad to be positive. Even if there’s no blue Yaks (or trees).