Kanye West Loves…Kanye West

April 3, 2016

Bismarck Humor Funny News

“I Love Kanye”…really? Yes it’s true. He made a song by; Kanye for Kanye about Kanye.  

The lyrics go:
LyricsAfter taking a quick poll with some folks that have been around the Bismarck area this is what we found.

  • 50 percent can’t or won’t pronounce his name correctly.
  • 100 percent don’t understand him referring to himself as himself about himself.
  • 33 percent have heard his music.
  • 0 percent will ever listen to it again!

At first we thought this was a joke. Upon further review we now realize he has gone completely nuts. Known for his outlandish behavior this “artist” has lost his way. The elevator no longer goes all the way to the top. This is real and you will be able to find the music videos if you search for them. Which brings us to our point. Don’t do drugs kids.