Statements People Would Say About the Size of North Dakotans

April 18, 2016

Trump Funny Bismarck,ND

If you look around you’ll notice something about the people of North Dakota. The’re HUGE… Massive, and…oh wait there are some tiny ones too. Why the stark contrast, and what are people saying about North Dakota?

  1. We heard there was one guy nicknamed “Thunder Struck.” He’s so big where ever lightning strikes it struck him! Some say; Thunder Struck was so big when he rolls over Garth Brooks starts singing: WHEN THE THUNDER ROLLS.
  2. There was one gal so big she used to carry a battle ax as her garden hoe. When asked why she carries it around with her she said; I liked having something handy to pick my teeth with.
  3. One gentlemen was running for mayor in Bismarck, ND. He never could seem to get into office because of his short stature. It was said that some people just thought little of him. Others just knew he wasn’t the type for office. Luckily people of his stature come in “Short” Supply.

If you look around North Dakota we have quite a few funny situations when it comes to peoples shapes. Tall, short, apple with tooth pick legs. In fact we heard there was one man that had such a huge upper body, yet his legs were so small everyone thought he was riding around on a chicken.

Hope you enjoy